Pace / Net pace



2014 October

>>Animation that created by the browser.
Looking at the list of browser history, the title of each page is one poem. Kagoshima Prefecture, Kamikawa coast has become the stage. Kinko town around Kagoshima suffer a depopulated. In an attempt to develop a tourist destination, this coast is one of the places that tourist destinations. However, it has not been open as a seaside resort. Rather than as a place of play, it is maintained as a landscape. Not sharing as the location of the water play. It is the location of the potential tourist destination, but with a standing position with a firm. This feeling express in the browser, which is redial.
I would like to visit the place where is not opened for everyone to come. rather than the place where welcomed for everyone like a tourlst to visit. This is the same reason of that I like to watch the Godard movie oftetnly.